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Transformative Research, LLC is an education research, evaluation, and consulting firm founded and powered by Dr. Leah Q. Peoples (she/her/hers), a cis-hetero Black American woman. Transformative Research focuses on using good data as a catalyst to liberating and equitable educational spaces. Oftentimes, data in research and evaluation can be used in harmful ways that further perpetuate institutional inequities and harm. Good data engages truth-telling, institutional and self discovery, intensive and rigorous study, and experimentation in an effort to aid the complex nature of transformation.


Program Evaluation

Rooted in seeking justice, liberation, and equity in social and educational spaces, we conduct program evaluations to engage in deeper learning by using data to uncover a program’s truths, effectiveness, and value. Allow us to tell your story, truly capturing the greatness of your work. To hold you accountable in the fulfillment of your mission and program as a whole. 


Our culturally responsive evaluations center on the values, culture, and sociopolitical context of your program, allowing outstanding outcomes in the areas of mission articulation, goal fulfillment, and overall program transformation. 


What makes us unique is our ability to articulate your mission and the amazing work you do through the utilization of critical, extensive, and GOOD data. We look beyond the basic measures and metrics.


We provide the following program evaluation services:

  • Design and implementation of program evaluations

  • Design and lead teams through culturally responsive evaluations

  • Increase teams’ capacity to conduct culturally responsive evaluations

  • Provide consulting services of program evaluation design, data, methods, reports, data visualization, findings dissemination, and working in partnership with youth, communities, benefactors/recipients of your program.



Program Design Consulting

If you have not yet initiated a program, we also offer support in the design process. Through the collection and utilization of the correct data, we can help you build an evaluative capacity directly into the program as it is being developed. 

Click "Schedule a Convo" for a free 30 minute conversation if you're interested in booking our services. 

Program evaluations are used to engage in deeper learning, using data to uncover a program’s multiple truths about its effectiveness and value and to initiate much-needed conversations about where your program currently stands and where you would like to go. Outcomes can be used to apply for grants, enact change, or determine whether your program is truly adequate.


Uncover your program’s multiple truths in its effectiveness and value, opening the door to transformation, liberation, equity, and true social justice.

Strategic planning & Thought Partnership

We offer strategic planning and/or thought partnership to both organizations and individuals who have the goal of engaging critical equity and going beyond the superficial and performative changes. We’ve worked intimately with educators, individuals, administrators, youth, parents, and families doing this work at micro and macro levels. We are well versed in the common pitfalls, challenges, systemic pressures, and resistance that surface during this work and possess extensive experience navigating them. If you are looking for a sounding board, advisor, thought partner, or to be in community while you continue your journey, contact us. 


Our goal is to help partners make transformative change, not small incremental change. Transformative consultants possess the gift of transformation. Allow us to develop your unique framework of change by taking your concepts, ideas, and aspirations, and transforming them into tangible plans of action. Shift from a state of planning and desire to action and results. We will work alongside you, assisting with every aspect of your project from goal setting to grant and funding application, all while keeping you rooted in your framework of change. 

Transformative Discourse


You’ve come across Transformative Research work in some capacity, whether it be through a workshop, a training, a speech, or our website, and have found yourself stuck, fascinated, or even inspired. You’re riddled with questions and left with a desire to chat. Engage in one on one transformative discourse with Dr. Leah herself! Utilize this time to ask any and all questions related to data, research, diversity, equity, inclusion, Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education, or anything within her realm of expertise. 


Sessions are 45 minutes** long and client-led. Leah will answer questions, act as a sounding board, review condensed research and plans, assist in decision-making, and more depending on your need.











Translating Research to Practice

Good data is accessible and useful. We work to translate research, data, and findings from evaluation and research projects to digestible non-technical formats, designed for the prioritized audience. We help organizations move from theories to actual practices informed by good data, research, and theories. To test the implementation of new practices, we provide language, examples, inquiry cycles, monitoring, applied research, and mini-research projects, evolving them as necessary to be responsive to specific contexts.


TREEL provides a nuance of training and workshops structured specifically for your organization’s individual needs. Available to you are both live and on-demand sessions, ranging from 2 to 6 hours each. Workshops are available on the topics of :

Architects Office

Data Literacy/

Data Parties

Data is powerful. Our Data Literacy workshops will introduce you to the ways data is created, extracted, used, and abused. Develop an ability to read data in a manner that allows you to understand its use/misuse and increase your own data literacy. Learn how to read data, extract personal, relevant meaning and understand the correlation to your work. 

Children in School Bus

Context Building and Understanding

Schools and education are systems of institution and oppression. Gain an understanding of your program’s socio-political context as an institution and develop your space into one of liberation. Develop a strong sense of socio-political consciousness and learn to read systems of oppression, understanding how institutions, most importantly your own, play these roles. You will be guided from understanding your place within the socio-political context to developing a tangible plan of action for your program.


Foundations of Culturally Responsive Education

To truly determine the extent of a curriculum’s cultural responsiveness, a base understanding of Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education is required. Our foundational workshops will introduce you to the key concepts, terms and ideas within Culturally Responsive Education and assist you in establishing your own, unique practice. 

If you’re interested in strengthening your understanding of this work, we recommend you take the “CRSE Foundations” 3-part workshop series. Intended to provide consistent language and knowledge around CRSE and facilitated guidance through the next steps and plan implementation, our three-part series will include:

scoring pARTY

If you have interest in one of the above-listed trainings or would like to request custom facilitation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Book our services

Our hourly rates for consulting work, professional learning, research and evaluation services, and office hours ranges from $125 - $500 per hour. Most projects will fall within the $125-$250/hour range. Projects such as professional learning/facilitation and tool/measurement development typically fall within the $250-$500/hour range. Schedule a free consulting call to get a quote for your project.

We also offer solidarity pricing (sliding scale) to make our services and expertise more accessible, especially to grassroots education-based organizations or individuals. Solidarity pricing is offered at our discretion and available capacity. We will not ask you to demonstrate or provide documentation of need. Solidarity pricing is for those who experience both hardship and would have difficulty working with us at full price.


Our solidarity rates for consulting work, professional learning, research and evaluation services, and office hours ranges from $0 - $100 per hour. Schedule a free consulting call to get a quote for your project.

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