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The power of good data

Good Data: Useful, equity-oriented, critical, transformative and liberating data that can help educators, schools, communities, youth, parents, and the general public advance educational equity individually and within institutions.


Our mission is to create, co-create, learn from, and use good data to transform educational spaces and institutions in ways that uplift, protect, and nurture the humanity, genius and spirit of BIPOC and other marginalized communities, including youth, adults, educators, organizers, and community members; and to build equitable educational institutions.

Teacher and Pupil
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What We do

Research: We conduct research on building equity in educational spaces and institutions and provide research consulting.

Evaluation: We conduct culturally responsive program evaluations and provide evaluation consulting.

Education: We translate what we know and have learned from research and evaluation into useful and accessible knowledge.


featured project

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Lessons in (In)Equity:

An Evaluation of Cultural Responsiveness in ELA Elementary Curriculum

Check out the report to see specific ways that curricula is and is not culturally responsive! Also read about upcoming opportunities for community chats on identifying and creating culturally responsive curriculum!

Recycling in the Classroom



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